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Mach Hach has led tours of Israel for over forty-five years, in good times and bad. Helping our participants develop an everlasting bond with Israel is at the forefront of our mission.
Mach Hach BaAretz is Bnei Akiva’s summer tour of Israel for teens completing the tenth grade. It is the largest and most popular program of its kind, with over 450 participants every summer. Mach Hach offers a wide range of diverse programs to match the varied interests of each individual.
At the heart of the Mach Hach experience is the most robust and dynamic itinerary around. Every year we add new components to make sure it remains fresh and current. The itinerary includes the key historical sites, amazing hikes, Mach Hach-wide events, Adventure Week, and pure fun.

trip with a mission

Tour Guide

Every bus includes a tour guide who helps teach the history and significance of the sites we visit over the summer. It is not infrequent to see them walking with a Tanach in hand as we retrace the steps of our ancestors.


Every bus is scheduled to have a joint activity with a local Bnei Akiva chapter in Israel. The encounter allows each side to understand the other’s life and culture.


Shabbatot are full of ruach and infused with a special spirit that campers take home with them. In addition, each Shabbat has a different religious-Zionist theme in which we explore core issues of modern Israel through Beit Midrash sessions and group discussions.


The madrichim of each bus prepare and deliver daily shiurim that are both engaging and relevant to the life of a high schooler.
Guest Speakers Included in the itinerary are various speakers who share stories of Israel both from personal histories and through a Torah lens.

Core to all Bnei Akiva programs is our ability to enmesh an educational mission into everything we do. Intertwined into our summer experience are various learning experiences both formal and informal.

Mach Hach is not just another tour of Israel, but an authentic Israel experience.
Our alumni can attest that they
“Lived Israel” for the summer.


Every bus has six staff members: a Rosh Bus (Head Counselor), a tour guide, a logistics coordinator and three counselors. Staff members serve as role models and develop meaningful connections with the participants. Our staff consists of a mix of Americans and Israelis, all of whom have ample camp experience.

in bnei akiva,

love of israel

is not a slogan, but a


 for life

One of the most outstanding features of Mach Hach is the relationships you will create with both friends and staff. Before the summer, groups of 35-43 campers are assigned to a bus. In this intimate setting, every camper can be fully appreciated and feel that they belong.

Each group takes on a life of its own with a distinct personality and character. Mach Hach “buses” have reunions for years to come. Each bus has its own itinerary, fine-tuned by its individual staff.